Monday, June 18, 2012

Fine Tuned

The fine tuning is done, at least for me. I'm worried that if I go over it one more time, I'll just nit-pick it to death and it will look suspiciously like the first draft.

There were bigger changes to the last draft than I anticipated, with entire chapters being shuffled here and there, broken up and blended with others. It makes the timeline flow better, but there is some fear that I may have messed things up. I need to trust myself that everything is fine.

Just fine.

Fine and very scary, because this afternoon is the next phase: sending it to the publisher for proper formatting, getting the specs for the cover and waiting for that to be finished. Once that part is done, then we'll be off to print.

Oh, and I discovered one of the most difficult things to write was the back cover blurb! :)

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