Saturday, January 18, 2014

LONG Overdue Update!

A VERY long overdue update! I'm rather embarrassed. It has been ages, hasn’t it?

But, the good news is, there is continued progress, albeit slow progress. Things have picked up lately then due to illness, got put back down.

However, it’s looking good for getting out to the first readers by the end of January (or the very first part of February, thanks to this recent bout of gastroenteritis). It has taken so long because I really want to make sure the second book not only blends with the first, but also answers a few questions, as well as sets up a bunch more (because there is already a third volume in the works!) That meant taking the original draft and hacking it up like kindling and tossing quite a lot of it into the culled file (I can never throw stuff away, I just file it). J

Characters, old and new, are shaping up nicely and the plot is cleaning up well.

I’m also looking for a new publisher (which may delay my publishing timeframe a little bit, but should allow me to sell my books at an affordable price).