Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting Caught Up

Life has a way of sticking its grubby paws on my keyboard and keeping me from writing. For those who don’t know, my partner and I have recently purchased a small business in Washington State and that whole experience has not only left me broke, but reeling and busy up to my eyeballs as well.

Thankfully, during the busy time, I was able to formulate a better plot and more logical pathway for the second book to take, rather than what had been there originally. I had been working in that direction, but there were a lot of loose ends that just didn’t fit right. What I’ve come up with now is much cleaner and more logical. It’s a tighter plot that leaves plenty of wiggle room for action, so I do believe I’ve got it heading in the right direction.

My plans were, and still are, to have it released by July, but with June (submission month) less than three months away, that release date may not be quite as early as I’d like.

On board for the second book are a few characters you met in the first one including (but not limited to): Theo, Jewel, Obadiah, Stella, and of course, her Majesty Sabine. I’ll be introducing you to Bianca the Librarian as well as a few Hosts and some locals; you’ll even get a good look at Drake Vendt and the events that led to his appearance on Earth; and Captain Malano will get a bit of a promotion. You’ll even take a tour of the Citadel (after a brief, but important, stopover in Draconia).

Things are picking up speed, just not quite as fast as the calendar is going… Whatever happened to January? I’ll be pushing through the latest version, then sending it to my first readers for input, then more editing and the second round of readers, proofing, then off to the publisher.

That’s my schedule. Here’s hoping I can fit it all into the next four months!