Monday, October 22, 2012

New Pathways

The second book is moving along, although not quite in the direction I anticipated. It is currently wandering down new hallways, dragging new (and better) ideas and stories along with it. Unfortunately, that does slow things down a bit, and I'm having to push the publication date out again by at least two months. Now we're looking at sometime in April.

It's funny how November seemed so far, there was no way I couldn't get it done by then, but now it's less than ten days away and I'm not even half way through what is turning out to be another first draft of the second book!

Then there's NaNoWriMo in November, so that's going to slow me down some. :)

But the second book is bringing in characters we were barely introduced to in A Queen Reborn, and pushing them forward. Somehow, a potential love interest for Captain Malano popped in and could prove to be interesting.

One thing this new version brought along with it was a flashlight, so I have a pretty good idea now of where we're going to end up on this one.

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