Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Taa-Daaa Moment

Being a self-proclaimed techno-dork, when I actually manage to accomplish something with a computer or other electronics gadget (and this includes making calls on my cell phone), I get rather excited and pleased with myself.

So, on that note, I am very pleased to announce The Citadel Chronicles' very own facebook page! It's pretty bare for now, but it's taken me almost seven hours to get it to where it is. This does include time spent attempting to undo what the bird did when she strolled across the keyboard and opened Skype for me. I had no idea that program was so reluctant to close. "Are you SURE you want to close it? No one will be able to call you and chat!" Oh, I'm VERY sure I want it closed since I didn't open it in the first place.

Anyway, pop over to the facebook page and give The Citadel Chronicles a look-see. You can even give it a thumbs up, if you'd like. Or, you know, hit the "like" button.

I'm such dork...

1 comment:

  1. I'm not on Facebook but I will tell as many people as I can to 'like' you. Facebook is such a good promotional tool.