Sunday, May 20, 2012

Big News

Welcome to The Citadel Chronicles blog.

Here's where you'll find the latest information on the series, starting with Book One: A Queen Reborn. After much research, soul searching (which will be a pretty funny joke once you read the book), and hair pulling, I've decided to go the e-publishing route.

That decided, I had to figure out which service would meet my needs, and not cost me, or my readers, an arm and a leg.

Right now, I'm just waiting for the cover art to be finished. Once that's done, we'll have another read-through to pick the last of the nits from the manuscript, then we'll be ready to announce the new arrival.

In the mean time, I'll just be over here, pacing the floor and handing out cigars. Stay tuned, it's gonna be a blast!


  1. Awesome. I can't wait, KT. Your book is going to be a huge success, I just know it!!!

  2. Thank you m'dear. I do hope you're right. :)